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Sunday, 2020-06-07


Add-Ons make Mozilla Thunderbird a very useful email-software, which can do a lot of jobs for you. My suggestions are here:

The Attachment-Problem

The only big disadvantage I could find with Thunderbird: TB does not put attachments in a separate folder, but into the email-database, together with the header and the mailtext. This behaviour is as bad as in MS Outlook®. A much nicer way was shown, for example, by Qualcomm Eudora 1: attachments are stored in a separate folder, same as inline pics and logos. This way the email-database stays slender and quick.

In most cases email-attachments are more or less nice and beautiful, often disturbing, but nearly always fatting trash. One should delete them as quick as possible, or transfer the very few useful ones to the appropriate folder on the hard disk.

For this purpose there is:


Extracts all attachments from selected messages and then can delete or detach them with a link in the email.
Website of the original: 
Author: Andrew Williamson (eviljeff) 

Compatibility Issue

The actual version claims on some systems to not being compatible to newer version of Thunderbird (newer than 7.0). But some users tried it, and I've been using it with TB 38.x. In order to install it you might need a patch to upgrade the compatiblity info (install.rdf).


Open the .xpi file as a .zip file (e.g. by renaming the file) and open 'install.rdf'. Update the entry 'em:maxVersion' from "7.0.*" to "99.*". Save the file and rename it back to .xpi and install.

Here is a patched version of for TB 99.x: attachmentextractor- [228 KB]

Note: No warranty for correct function. I am not the programmer of this extension.


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  1. Making many professional email-users sad, Eudora had not been updated for a long time. Unfortunately, the old version does not support necessary new features like international coding (unicode utf-8). Recently there is a project of rebuilding Eudora on base of Thunderbird, but it still does not work like the original and the locales are not up to date. (written: summer 2010).